About Marc A. Carignan

Marc A. CarignanMarc A. Carignan is the founder and author of The Bitcoin Tutor. Previously, Marc was a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who led worldwide teams in software, internet and mobile startups. His roles included engineering, consulting, training, sales and customer support.

Marc currently serves an executive and executive coach to technology companies and has traveled extensively doing business in over 35 countries, and subsequently, in many different currencies. He is a professional and management consultant to individuals and organizations.

His passion is learning how new technologies can assist business in achieving greater leadership in the market and subsequently being more effective in meeting their goals. He also helps people in creating more effective choices, personally and professionally, in to pursue their dreams.

LinkedIn IconAs a professional instructor and past seminar leader for the largest seminar company in the United States, Marc enjoys taking topics that may be difficult to understand and making them clear, fun and valuable. As a student of personal and professional development, Marc has built his own companies and helped build companies in software, information technology, internet, coaching and education.

Marc holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Cum Laude, from the University of New Hampshire with a minor in music (education and performance). Marc discovered bitcoin in 2013 and has been intrigued ever since.

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