Your Invitation to the Bitcoin Investing Workshop

bitcoin-investing-workshopJoin me for the Bitcoin Investing Workshop, a 4-part free video series. In the series, I explain what’s happening right now that’s causing the price of bitcoin to rise, how to buy your first bitcoins, and the keys to investing safely and securely.

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In 2016 alone, the price of bitcoin has increased over 70%. And for those looking ahead, 2017 looks even brighter. Why? The global economy is slowing, the middle class is shrinking and the central banks continue to play their money games like QE (quantitative easing) and money printing. All that will cause the money in your pocket to lose value in 2017, while driving interest in commodities including gold, silver and bitcoin!

Learn how bitcoin can secure your wealth, as the new “digital gold”. The series is free, but it will ONLY¬†be available until December 9, 2016.

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I invite you to join me for this free 4-part video series and prepare yourself for success in 2017!

To your bitcoin success,
/ Marc