Thanks for your interest in learning more about how bitcoin can become part of your investing or trading strategy!

bss-logo-transparentIf you have been directed to this page, you have been selected to receive a COMPLIMENTARY 30- to 45-minute Bitcoin Strategy Session with Marc A. Carignan, founder of The Bitcoin Tutor (valued at $497)!

What’s the catch? Actually Marc and The Bitcoin Tutor team are in the process of completing a new training program and are looking for input from various qualified respondents to:

a. Verify that our new programs are on track with student demand;

b. Confirm that the support we provide one-on-one, in groups and online meets our students needs;

c. And, to provide some IMMEDIATE VALUE to you as one of our qualified survey respondents by reviewing your plans, needs and questions and providing some answers and even suggesting a customized course of action for you!

Time slots are available beginning on November 10th through November 22nd only. Please select your ideal slot based on those available during these dates by CLICKING HERE.

I know you will benefit from this call, and Marc hopes to have the opportunity to speak with you soon!