This page is provided for listeners of The Bitcoin Tutor audio book. Each of the 20 figures described in the audio book are provided below, as taken from the print version. Simply click on any image to make it larger. Enjoy this enhancement to the audio experience.

Figure 1: The Bitcoin Currency Symbol 01-Bitcoin Currency Symbol
Figure 2: The Historical Value of Bitcoin 02-Historical Value of Bitcoin
Figure 3: Online Wallets That Exchange Fiat Currencies 03-Online Wallets That Exchange Fiats 2
Figure 4: Sample Online Wallet Home Page 04-Wallet Home Large
Figure 5: Wallet Sign Up Page 05-Create Wallet Large
Figure 6: Confirmation Email Message 06-Confirmation Email Large
Figure 7: Online Wallet User Agreement 07-User Agreement Large
Figure 8: Online Wallet Summary 08-Wallet Main Large
Figure 9: Bank Account Connection Setup 09-Bank Account Large
Figure 10: Bitcoin Wallet Addresses 10-Wallet Addresses Large
Figure 11: Buying Bitcoins By Bank Account Transfer 11-Buy Bitcoins Large
Figure 12: Buying Bitcoins With Cash, Part 1 12-Buy With Cash Part 1 Large
Figure 13: Buying Bitcoins With Cash, Part 2 13-Buy With Cash Part 2 Large
Figure 14: Buying Bitcoins With Cash, Part 3 14-Buy With Cash Part 3 Large
Figure 15: Sending Bitcoins Page 15-Send Bitcoins Large
Figure 16: Selling Bitcoins For Deposit To A Bank Account 16-Sell Bitcoins Large
Figure 17: Two-Factor Authorization Setup Using SMS 17-Activate Two-Factor SMS Large
Figure 18: Two-Factor Authorization Setup Using Google Authenticator 18-Activate Two-Factor G-Auth Large QR
Figure 19: Wallet Sign-In With Username & Password 19-Wallet Sign In Large
Figure 20: Wallet Sign-In With A One-Time Password Generated By Google Authenticator 20-Two-Factor Login Large

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