Bitcoin is truly the next wave of technology. Wave 1 was about bringing computing to the masses with PCs. Wave 2 was the internet, which spawned e-commerce, social media and mobile devices. Wave 3 is happening now, redefining the future of finance and money. This third wave is based on bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology. And, the opportunity to profit from this trend has never been greater!

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The Bitcoin Tutor 300x127The Bitcoin Tutor was founded to assist people to understand this next wave of technology without needing to be a financial or technology expert. We are helping people use this new technology safely and successfully. (Remember, the first PCs and the early days of the internet were difficult to use, yet that was the time when people made massive fortunes.) As the technology of this next wave matures our books, videos and live events will prepare you to take action now that can dramatically change your life, your finances and your future. You are on the ground floor of this next wave of technological revolution that will permeate every area of life.

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