Welcome to Bitcoin!

Bitcoin (symbol BTC) is the original cryptocurrency (crypto), and it has achieved the greatest success in the world of cryptos. You are now the owner of some bitcoin, so here is what you need to know.

You have a “paper wallet” that tracks your bitcoin, much like a bank account number for your bitcoin “account”. To check your balance, which checks how many bitcoins you have, you need to enter the public address from your paper wallet into a blockchain explorer, an internet tool which reads the worldwide distributed ledger and shows you how many bitcoins are associated with your account (how much you own).

Go to https://blockexplorer.com (the blockchain explorer) and enter your public address in the search box. Press enter and within seconds you will know how much bitcoin is associated with your paper wallet.

To check the current price of bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies), visit https://coinmarketcap.com. Bitcoin will be listed among the top cryptos in the world, at the top of the list.

Then, multiply how much bitcoin you own (say 0.01 BTC) by the current price of bitcoin (say $15,000 USD), so see how much your bitcoin is worth (say $150 USD). Note that crypto prices often change quickly, so check the current price often to see how your crypto wealth changes.

When you are ready to “spend” your bitcoin, let me know. I have the private key required to send/spend/sell your bitcoin.

Merry Christmas!

Love, Marc & Peter