What Is Bitcoin?

I just published a screencast presentation about bitcoin, entitled “What Is Bitcoin?” It’s on my YouTube channel and in this blog entry too. It answers key questions including bitcoin including what it is, why it’s considered to be money, basic about trading and storing bitcoins safely, and what the future of bitcoin holds. Some risks about trading bitcoins are also discussed.

Let me know if this presentation helps you fill in the gaps you may have about what bitcoin really is! Please leave a comment or question below.

And remember, continue learning about bitcoin and profit from the knowledge!

/ Marc A. Carignan

2 comments on “What Is Bitcoin?

  1. Great information Marc! Cleared up a lot of questions for me! Thank you! 🙂

    • Michon,

      It’s a pleasure. I’m glad you liked the long-form video. I’ll be sharing more short, easy-to-watch videos for members of The Bitcoin Tutor community soon, as well as more investing advice for those who signup for the free bi-weekly newsletter.

      / Marc

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